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Recent Submissions

  • Regional Clean Energy Innovation 

    Surana, Kavita; Williams, Ellen D.; Krawczyk, Wojciech; Montgomery, Michael; O'Neill, Jon; Thomas, Zachary; Zhang, Ying (2020-02-20)
    This report provides data-driven approaches and insights for federal and state planning to accelerate clean energy innovation by aligning programs with regional resources and economic development goals.
  • Inspiring Universal Voluntary Service Among American Youth 

    Grimm, Robert T. Jr. (Do Good Institute, University of Maryland, 2019-02-21)
    Chairman Heck, Vice Chair Gearan, Vice Chair Wada, and distinguished members of the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, I am thankful for the opportunity to speak to you today as our country faces ...
  • Shifting Milestones, Fewer Donors and Volunteers: 21st Century Life for Young Adults and the Impact on Charitable Behaviors 

    Dietz, Nathan; Grimm, Robert T. Jr. (Do Good Institute, University of Maryland, 2019-10)
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The United States has experienced declines in adults’ rates of volunteering with organizations and charitable giving over the last two decades. Because these behaviors generate wide-ranging benefits ...
  • Where Are America's Volunteers? 

    Dietz, Nathan; Grimm, Robert T. Jr. (Do Good Institute, University of Maryland, 2018-10)
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: While the United States recently experienced record highs in total volunteer hours and charitable dollars given to community organizations, these seemingly positive numbers mask a troubling trend: ...
  • Good Intentions, Gap in Action: The Challenge of Translating Youth's High Interest in Doing Good into Civic Engagement 

    Grimm, Robert T. Jr.; Dietz, Nathan (Do Good Institute, University of Maryland, 2018-03)
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Volunteering has long been recognized as a primary mechanism for creating productive and active citizens. A large and diverse body of research describes how volunteering promotes beneficial outcomes for ...

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