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    • Equal Living 

      cain, rachel (2021)
      Designing with everyone in mind is a phenomenon that is talked about often but is either hit or missed when executed. When it comes to the blind and visually impaired, sensitivity in design needs to be heightened. Factors ...
    • Planning towards an equitable sharing economy: On housing, on transportation, on policymaking 

      Zou, Zhenpeng (2021)
      The sharing economy has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade. Its two most popular sectors, short-term rental (STR) and shared mobility, have significantly transformed people’s travel behavior and disrupted the ...
    • Are Houston's Land Use Relationships Unique? 

      Dorney, Christopher Leh (2021)
      The city of Houston, Texas has been at the heart of a long-running debate in the United States on government’s proper role in the land development process. As the only large American city that never adopted a city-wide ...

      Ohakawa, Tochi Chimaobi (2020)
      In previous centuries, major transportation infrastructure has fostered economic and urban development in places where they were established. This was seen with seaports in the 18th century, Railways in the 19th century, ...
    • Vacant to Vibrant: Exploring Affordable Solutions to the Housing Crisis in Baltimore 

      Toni, Daniela (2021)
      This thesis will explore solutions to the affordable housing crisis in West Baltimore by providing affordable housing options for low income residents. By investigating the history of housing discrimination and neighborhood ...