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Recent Submissions

  • Are CD45RO+ and CD45RA- genuine markers for bovine memory T cells? 

    Anmol, Kandel; Akanksha, Hada; Zhengguo, Xiao (Springer Nature, 2022-10-11)
    Effective vaccination induces memory T cells, which protect the host against pathogen re-infections. Therefore, detection of memory T cells is essential for evaluating vaccine efficacy, which was originally dependent on ...
  • Comparative transcriptome in large-scale human and cattle populations 

    Yao, Yuelin; Liu, Shuli; Xia, Charley; Gao, Yahui; Pan, Zhangyuan; Canela-Xandri, Oriol; Khamseh, Ava; Rawlik, Konrad; Wang, Sheng; Li, Bingjie; Zhang, Yi; Pairo-Castineira, Erola; D’Mellow, Kenton; Li, Xiujin; Yan, Ze; Li, Cong-jun; Yu, Ying; Zhang, Shengli; Ma, Li; Cole, John B.; Ross, Pablo J.; Zhou, Huaijun; Haley, Chris; Liu, George E.; Fang, Lingzhao; Tenesa, Albert (Springer Nature, 2022-08-22)
    Cross-species comparison of transcriptomes is important for elucidating evolutionary molecular mechanisms underpinning phenotypic variation between and within species, yet to date it has been essentially limited to model ...
  • Neurogenin 2 and Neuronal Differentiation 1 control proper development of the chick trigeminal ganglion and its nerve branches 

    Bina, Parinaz; Taneyhill, Lisa (2022)
    The trigeminal ganglion contains the cell bodies of sensory neurons comprising cranial nerve V, which relays information related to pain, touch, and temperature from the face and head to the brain. Like other cranial ...
  • Investigation of rumen long noncoding RNA before and after weaning in cattle 

    Marceau, Alexis; Gao, Yahui; Baldwin VI, Ransom L.; Li, Cong-jun; Jiang, Jicai; Liu, George E.; Ma, Li (Springer Nature, 2022-07-20)
    This study aimed to identify long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) from the rumen tissue in dairy cattle, explore their features including expression and conservation levels, and reveal potential links between lncRNA and complex ...
  • Genome-wide recombination map construction from single sperm sequencing in cattle 

    Yang, Liu; Gao, Yahui; Li, Mingxun; Park, Ki-Eun; Liu, Shuli; Kang, Xiaolong; Liu, Mei; Oswalt, Adam; Fang, Lingzhao; Telugu, Bhanu P.; Sattler, Charles G.; Li, Cong-jun; Cole, John B.; Seroussi, Eyal; Xu, Lingyang; Yang, Lv; Zhou, Yang; Li, Li; Zhang, Hongping; Rosen, Benjamin D.; Van Tassell, Curtis P.; Ma, Li; Liu, George E. (Springer Nature, 2022-03-05)
    Meiotic recombination is one of the important phenomena contributing to gamete genome diversity. However, except for human and a few model organisms, it is not well studied in livestock, including cattle. To investigate ...

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