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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on Dynamic Pricing and Choice in the Internet and Sharing Economy 

    Ming, Liu (2017)
    The widespread use of the Internet, social networking, mobile technology and big data has improved people's ability to obtain and use information to an unprecedented level. Influencing consumer behavior and changing concepts ...
  • Essays on Market Microstructure and Asset Pricing 

    Chen, Wen (2017)
    This dissertation contains two essays exploring the asset pricing implications of asymmetric information, hedging and market making. Chapter 1 studies position limits on strategic speculators in commodity futures. In this ...
  • Essays on Organizational Choices under Uncertainty 

    Sharma, Siddharth (2017)
    Environmental uncertainty has been widely studied by organizational theorists and strategy scholars. In this dissertation, I aim to contribute towards a further understanding of the implications of environmental uncertainty ...
  • Enemies at the Gate? Essays on New Entry Threats in the U.S. Information Technology Industry 

    Pan, Yang (2017)
    The Information Technology industry is characterized by constant technological changes, fast clock speed, and hypercompetitive markets. A significant part of this fast-moving dynamic is fed by the high rate of new entry ...
  • Essays in Corporate Finance 

    Hu, Xiaoyuan (2017)
    This dissertation presents two essays about corporate finance, product market, and corporate governance. The first essay shows that, depending on product market structure, firms adjust executive compensation differently ...

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