CANRP Research Briefs: Recent submissions

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    • Physician, Professionalize Thyself 

      Leonard, Kenneth; Masatu, Melkiory (CANRP, 2012-04-27)
      Cost effective and sustainable methods to improve health care quality can result in significant improvements in the health of poor people in developing countries. Dr. Kenneth Leonard of the University of Maryland suggests ...
    • Simulated Trading for Maryland’s Nitrogen Loadings in the Chesapeake Bay: A Policy Overlook 

      Hanson, Jim; McConnell, Ted (CANRP, 2012-04-13)
      Jim Hanson and Ted McConnell looked at whether decreasing nutrients into the Bay could cost less if trading is permitted. Rather than having the sewage treatment plants install new technology (high cost), these sewage ...
    • Does it Matter Who Writes Your Nutrient Management Plan? 

      Lichtenberg, Erik; Parker, Doug; Lawley, Chad (CANRP, 2012-03-02)
      Dr. Erik Lichtenberg and Dr. Doug Parker of the University of Maryland, along with Dr. Chad Lawley of the University of Manitoba, studied the content of nutrient management plans written before they were required by law ...
    • United States Farm Subsidies: A Question of Equity and Efficiency 

      Kirwan, Barrett (CANRP, 2012-02-03)
      Are United States farm subsidies fair? Should they and can they be made more fair? Do farm subsidies even impact their intended targets? Dr. Barrett Kirwan at the University of Maryland takes a closer look.
    • The Challenging Future Of Maryland Dairy Farms 

      Leathers, Howard; Johnson, Dale (CANRP, 2012-01-20)
      Maryland dairy farmers face many challenges that put the future of their operations in question. University of Maryland researchers Howard Leathers and Dale Johnson examine the factors behind the problem and point to ...