CANRP Research Briefs: Recent submissions

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    • Seafood Safety Regulations: Do They Make Our Food Safer? 

      Alberini, Anna; Lichtenberg, Erik (CANRP, 2012-01-06)
      How do new federal guidelines for food safety affect the behavior of seafood processors? How well are they working? Could they be improved? Dr. Anna Alberini and Dr. Erik Lichtenberg at the University of Maryland take a ...
    • Water Quality Credit Trading 

      Parker, Doug (CANRP, 2011-12-16)
      Can aggressive pollution reduction in one sector compensate for continued pollution in another? Pollution credit markets are designed to make this trade-off work. But is the time ripe for water quality credit trading systems ...
    • What is the most effective way to deliver life-saving anti-malarial bed nets in the developing world? 

      Hoffmann, Vivian (CANRP, 2011-11-22)
      Does free distribution to vulnerable households do more harm than good, or is it a critical component of an overall strategy? Dr. Vivian Hoffmann at the University of Maryland examines this issue and comes to a surprising ...
    • PDR programs affect landowners’ conversion decision in Maryland 

      Towe, Charles; Bockstael, Nancy; Nickerson, Cynthia J. (CANRP, 2012-10-31)
      PDR programs pay farmers to give up their right to convert their farmland to residential and other non-farm uses. Does having the option to enroll in such a program affect the a landowner’s conversion decision? Does it ...
    • Does Low-density Zoning Impact Rural Land Value? 

      Lynch, Lori; Xiangping, Liu (CANRP, 2012-09-28)
      Do zoning regulations rob rural landowners’ equity – i.e. decreasing their land values without compensation? Do these land use controls affect different types of land in the same way or in different ways? How far-reaching ...