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Recent Submissions

  • Does Low-density Zoning Impact Rural Land Value? 

    Lynch, Lori; Liu, Xiangping (CANRP, 2012-09-28)
    Do zoning regulations rob rural landowners’ equity – i.e. decreasing their land values without compensation? Do these land use controls affect different types of land in the same way or in different ways? How far-reaching ...
  • Do Agricultural Land Preservation Programs Reduce Overall Farmland Loss? 

    Lynch, Lori; Liu, Xiangping (CANRP, 2012-07-20)
    When purchase of development rights (PDR) programs are in place to prevent farmland from being developed into commercial or residential property, you would expect that less farmland would be converted. But are these programs ...
  • Who Participates in the Voluntary Cleanup Program: Lessons from Baltimore City 

    Alberini, Anna; Guignet, Dennis (CANRP, 2012-06-22)
    If the sheer size of land endowment is an indicator of an economy’s potential, then the United States is fortunate indeed. However, there exist land tracts, in urban and rural areas, which are left unused due to concerns ...
  • Making Grassroot Agricultural Auctions Work 

    Tubene, Stephan; Hanson, Jim (CANRP, 2012-06-08)
    Large retailers often prefer to buy produce from large farms, leaving the owners of smaller farms in search of alternative markets. Drs. Stephan Tubene and Jim Hanson of the University of Maryland took a close look at the ...
  • The Hidden Cost of Cheap Food 

    Hoffmann, Vivian (CANRP, 2012-05-11)
    Most residents of developed countries have ready access to food that is fortified with nutrients and free of contamination. For people in developing countries, that is not the case. Many people lack resources for defining ...

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