Feasibility study for future use of the Bostwick property

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Bazar, Nancy
Britanik, Kristin L.
Brown, Rachel Elizabeth Hetherington
Demore, Carissa Holly
Gastner, Mary Kate
Hardej, Thomas
Lamprakos, Michele
Since its construction in 1746, Bostwick has been a constant presence in Bladensburg, Maryland. It has survived as a standing structure with several acres of intact historic landscape, while the built environment of the surrounding area has evolved. The original structure, many of the historic outbuildings, and the landscape remain, but throughout its history Bostwick’s buildings and landscape have changed in appearance, function, and its relationship to the local community. Today, the property is physically deteriorating, and damage from the August 2011 earthquake has only made the situation worse. It has become a problem for both its owner, the Town of Bladensburg, and the greater preservation community. All involved are interested in Bostwick’s survival, and all agree that its potential future use could be the cornerstone in Bladensburg’s continuing development. As part of an ongoing relationship between the University of Maryland and the Town, this studio project was developed to explore recommendations for a new use of Bostwick. The recommended scenario builds upon the strengths of the Bladensburg community and the unique heritage of Bostwick. This report is divided into two parts: (1) Research & Assessment and (2) Recommendations. Part 1 details all of our research, including the past and present context of both Bostwick and greater Bladensburg, previous preservation efforts and studies, stakeholder values, and comparable sites. All of this data informs Part 2 of this report, which contains our recommendations for the future use of Bostwick.
University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, December 2011. HISP 650