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      Maze, Alena (2021)
      When using commercial address lists to sample households, investigators spend considerable time and money on screening households for eligibility as well as locating certain subpopulations (to achieve target sample sizes). ...
    • Submaximal Function Algebras 

      Van Meter, Garrett Oliver II (1971)
      Let X be a compact Hausdorff space. A function algebra on X is a complex Banach subalgebra of C(X) which separates the points of X and contains the constants. Moreover, a function algebra on X is maximal if it is ...
    • The Photochemistry of Amides and Phthalimides 

      Bowen, Michael William (1977)
      N-Alkyl amides undergo photodecomposition much slower than their ketone, ester, and aldehyde analogs . The Norrish Type II process in amides is also less important than in these other classes of compounds due to electronic ...
    • On Numerical Analysis in Residue Number Systems 

      Lindamood, George Edward (1964)
      Recent attempts to utilize residue number systems in digital computers have raised numerous questions about adapting the techniques of numerical analysis to residue number systems. Among these questions are the ...
    • Geodynamic implications of ophiolitic chromitites in the La Cabaña ultramafic bodies, Central Chile 

      González-Jiménez, José María; Barra, Fernando; Walker, Richard J.; Reich, Martin; Gervilla, Fernando (Taylor & Francis Group - International Geology Review, 2014)
      Chromitites (>80% volume chromite) hosted in two ultramafic bodies (Lavanderos and Centinela Bajo) from the Palaeozoic metamorphic basement of the Chilean Coastal Cordillera were studied in terms of their chromite ...