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    • Nervous system maps on the C. elegans genome 

      Cherniak, Christopher; Mokhtarzada, Zekeria; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul (2020-09-28)
      This project begins from a synoptic point of view, focusing upon the large-scale (global) landscape of the genome. This is along the lines of combinatorial network optimization in computational complexity theory [1]. Our ...
    • Quantifying the Organization and Dynamics of Excitable Signaling Networks 

      Campanello, Leonard Joseph (2020)
      The transmission of extracellular information through intracellular signaling networks is ubiquitous in biology---from single-celled organisms to complex multicellular systems. Via signal-transduction machinery, cells of ...
    • Towards Low-frequency Squeezed Light and Its Applications with Four-wave Mixing in Rubidium Vapor 

      Wu, Meng-Chang (2020)
      We study a variety of mechanisms that introduce noise into squeezed light generated by a four-wave mixing (4WM) process in Rb vapor. The noise from the seeding beam itself is a general noise that appears in any squeezed ...

      Park, Kyemyung (2020)
      Systems biology seeks to build quantitative predictive models of biological system behavior. Biological systems, such as the mammalian immune system, operate across multiple spatiotemporal scales with a myriad of molecular ...
    • Development of the translaminar circuits in the mouse cortex 

      Deng, Rongkang (2020)
      The elaborated connections among cortical neurons form the cortical circuits, which are essential mechanisms underlying various cortical functions such as sensory perception, motor control, and other cognitive functions. ...