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    • Efficient Handling of Adversary Attacks in Aggregation Applications 

      Taban, Gelareh; Gligor, Virgil D. (2008)
      Current approaches to handling adversary attacks against data aggregation in sensor networks either aim exclusively at the detection of aggregate data corruption or provide rather inefficient ways to identify the nodes ...
    • Key Establishment in Heterogeneous Self-Organized Networks 

      Taban, Gelareh; Safavi-Naini, Rei (2007)
      Traditional key pre-distribution schemes in sensor and ad hoc networks rely on the existence of a trusted third party to generate and distribute a key pool. The assumption of a single TTP however can be very strong in ...
    • Secure and Private Data Aggregation in WSN 

      Taban, Gelareh (2008-11-21)
      Data aggregation is an important efficiency mechanism for large scale, resource constrained networks such as wireless sensor networks (WSN). Security and privacy are central for many data aggregation applications: (1) ...