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    • CXCR6+CD4+ T cells promote mortality during Trypanosoma brucei infection 

      Liu, Gongguan; Abas, Osama; Strickland, Ashley B.; Chen, Yanli; Shi, Meiqing (PLOS, 2021-10-06)
      Liver macrophages internalize circulating bloodborne parasites. It remains poorly understood how this process affects the fate of the macrophages and T cell responses in the liver. Here, we report that infection by Trypanosoma ...
    • IL-27 Negatively Regulates Tip-DC Development during Infection 

      Liu, Gongguan; Abas, Osama; Fu, Yong; Chen, Yanli; Strickland, Ashley B.; Sun, Donglei; Shi, Meiqing (American Society for Microbiology, 2021-02-16)
      Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)/inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS)-producing dendritic cells (Tip-DCs) have profound impacts on host immune responses during infections. The mechanisms regulating Tip-DC development remain ...