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    • K Place Value Intervention Study (2019-2020) 

      Mix, Kelly S.; Smith, Linda B. (2021-06-14)
      Kindergartners were pre- and post-tested with a battery of place value concept tasks as well as mathematics outcomes after a 20-lesson intervention of place value instruction. Children were randomly assigned to either the ...
    • K-2 Place Value Longitudinal Study (2017-2019) 

      Mix, Kelly; Smith, Linda B. (2018-11-27)
      Children were tested with a battery of place value concept tasks as well as mathematics outcomes, in kindergarten, first and second grades.
    • K-theoretic Aspects of String Theory Dualities 

      Mendez-Diez, Stefan Milo (2010)
      <p> String theory is a a physical field theory in which point particles are replaced by 1-manifolds propagating in time, called strings. The 2-manifold representing the time evolution of a string is called the string ...
    • Karl Briullov's Portrait of Countess Samoilova 

      Regina, Kristen (2002)
      The stunning Portrait of Countess Samoilova (1832- 1834), painted by the Russian artist Karl Briullov (1799-1852), has been traditionally considered as only a decorative high society parade portrait. However, this thesis ...
    • Kassandra: The Automatic Grading System 

      Matt, Urs von (1998-10-15)
      An automatic grading system is presented for grading assignments in scientific computing. A student can interactively use this system to check the correctness of his program assignments. The grade for a correct ...
    • Katrina: Long Road to Recovery 

      Johnson, Lynn (2007)
    • KBQuery's Got Your Coverage! 

      Bradley, Benjamin (2019-06-11)
      KBQuery is a Python script I created that uses the WorldCat Knowledge Base API to automate batch searches of our holdings in the WorldCat knowledge base. The script outputs coverage information which can then be used to ...
    • KEDO: How Multilateral Cooperation Helped an Unprecedented North Korean Project 

      Aoki, Naoko (2017-09-07)
      In 1994, the United States and North Korea signed the Agreed Framework, in which Pyongyang promised to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for energy aid and improvement of relations with Washington. An international ...
    • Keep it simple: Accelerating the verb learning process 

      Weinberg, Stephanie Michelle (2007-05-03)
      For early word learners, verbs are more difficult to learn than nouns. Previous research suggests that a simple agent of an action facilitates verb learning. The present investigation was designed to replicate this finding ...
    • Keep it the same: Need for closure and the allure of homogeneous groups with impermeable boundaries 

      Schultz, Jeremy Michael (2007-07-17)
      The Need for (cognitive) Closure has been found to predict a "syndrome" of group-centric behaviors in numerous experiments (Kruglanski et al., 2006). This is theorized to be due to a strong desire for social reality, ...
    • Keep Teaching: Leveraging Disruption as a Catalyst for Change 

      Gammons, Rachel Wilder; Inge Carpenter, Lindsay (University of Maryland Innovations in Teaching & Learning Annual Conference, 2022-05-11)
      The pandemic was a chance for innovation, allowing the UMD Libraries to focus on improving mission-critical work. The teaching program at UMD Libraries is a case study for innovation under pressure, highlighting an online ...
    • Keep Teaching: Staying Grounded in a Crisis 

      Gammons, Rachel W. (Remote Emote Online Unconference, 2020-12-08)
      Transcript of a keynote for the Remote Emote Online Unconference co-sponsored by Decker Library, Cook Library, and Anne Arundel Community College Library held on December 8, 2020.
    • Keep teaching: Using disruption as a catalyst for change. 

      Gammons, Rachel Wilder; Inge Carpenter, Lindsay; Shaw, Benjamin; Wilson, Suzanne (portal: Libraries and Academy, 2022)
      In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the University of Maryland (UMD) Libraries quickly switched to online teaching and learning. This disruption created a chance for innovation, allowing the UMD Libraries to scale ...
    • Keeping Circulation Services Relevant: Implementing a New Campus Book Retrieval Service 

      Dieterle, Ulrike; Dixon, Edie; Grow, Dineen; Koranda, MaryJo; Lewis, Anna; Mulvey, Sharon; Quattrucci, Albert; Sager, Rhonda; Schwartz, Richard; Spanbauer, Steven; Van Gemert, Edward; Witte, Jeanne; Wray, Tanner (American Library Association, 2003-06-21)
      As e-books and e-journals become more prevalent many libraries are seeing use of their physical collections decline. At the same time patrons are requesting more comprehensive library services, including access to library ...

      Kelly, Jamie (2022)
      Programmed -1 ribosomal frameshifting (-1 PRF) is a molecular mechanism that redirects translating ribosomes into a new reading frame. It is widely used by RNA viruses to conserve genome space while expanding the viral ...
    • Keeping the Charm of Peking: Promoting Preservation through the Beijing Olympics 

      Su, Beibei (2008-05)
      Final project submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, University of Maryland, College Park, in partial fulfillment of the requirements ...
    • Keeping up with the Profession: Continuing Education and Professional Development of Subject Librarians, a case study. 

      Luckert, Yelena (2017-03)
      In 2014, the University of Maryland Libraries adopted a Subject Liaison Librarian model to proactively deliver a full range of services to its faculty and students and move the Libraries into the future. Subject liaison ...
    • Keepin’ It R.E.A.L.!: Program Description and Results of Baseline Assessment 

      DiIorio, Colleen; Resnicow, Ken; Thomas, Stephen; Wang, Dongqing Terry; Dudley, William N.; Van Marter, Deborah F.; Lipana, Jenny (2002)
      In this article, the authors present the results of the analysis of the baseline data fromKeepin’it R.E.A.L.!, an HIV prevention project developed for mothers and their adolescents. Six hundred twelve mostly male (60.6%) ...
    • Kelvin Probe Microscopy Studies of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC(0001) 

      Curtin, Alexandra E. (2011)
      Epitaxial graphene on SiC(0001) presents a promising platform for device applications and fundamental investigations. Graphene growth on SiC(0001) can produce consistent monolayer thickness on terraces and good electronic ...