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DRUM Deposit Policies

Deposit Criteria for the Individual Deposit Collections for UM Faculty:

  • Depositor must be a University of Maryland faculty member
  • Depositor must have the ability to assign needed rights to UM (no deposits on behalf of another, no deposit of works restricted under existing copyright agreements, etc.). Individuals who coauthor a work generally have the ability to assign rights for the work, unless those rights have been transferred to another entity.
  • Deposits must be substantive works of scholarship
  • Deposits must be complete - able to stand alone as a work or collection. (No notes, etc.)

Depositors of works should note:

  • The repository currently accepts works of scholarship. Course-related works (syllabi, course notes, etc.) are not appropriate for deposit.
  • All deposits will be distributed freely across the web (access will not be limited by location).
  • As a repository, deposited files will be maintained indefinitely, at least at the minimal level of maintaining file integrity. However, migration to preserve functionality is not guaranteed. If the work is of a transitory nature or of transitory usefulness, deposit may not be appropriate.
  • Deposits will be reviewed by library staff for basic accuracy of metadata, fulfillment of the deposit criteria, successful attachment of file, etc.
  • Deposits that do not meet these criteria can be removed from the archive without notice to the depositor.

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