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The number of times a document has been downloaded from July 2006 to the present is available for all DRUM documents. If a document contains several files, then the download statistics are presented for each file. The number of attempted downloads for embargoed theses and disserations are also reflected in the statistics. Updated on the first of every month, download statistics appear in the gray box at the bottom of the page for each record under the column labeled "No. of Downloads."

Most search engines today are equipped with specialized agents known as Web crawlers, spiders or robots that are dedicated to collecting information from sites. After scouring the Web, the crawlers return to a central repository where the information is indexed and made available for searching. Since the crawlers follow the links on a site and download all files they encounter, the number of times that a document has been downloaded from DRUM can be greatly inflated, sometimes double the actual number. In order to provide authors and searchers with more accurate numbers, since July 2006 we have made a concentrated effort to identify and exclude Web crawlers from DRUM statistics. There is no guarantee that ALL crawlers have been eliminated, but we intend our use statistics to reflect full-text downloads by researchers, not by machines.

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