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Recent Submissions

  • Are Videogames Art? 

    Rough, Brock (2016)
    My dissertation defends a positive answer to the question: “Can a videogame be a work of art? ” To achieve this goal I develop definitions of several concepts, primarily ‘art’, ‘games’, and ‘videogames’, and offer arguments ...
  • Visual Insight in Geometry 

    Fletcher, Logan (2016)
    According to a traditional rationalist proposal, it is possible to attain knowledge of certain necessary truths by means of insight—an epistemic mental act that combines the 'presentational' character of perception with ...
  • The Explanatory Role of Intentional Content in Cognitive Science 

    Knoll, Andrew Charles (2015)
    This work argues that intentional content plays at least two explanatory roles in cognitive science. First, it allows cognitive states to be type-individuated independently of their relations to one another and to mind ...
  • Representational Content and the Science of Vision 

    Ritchie, John Brendan Welsh (2015)
    The general topic of my thesis is how vision science explains what we see, and how we see it. There are two themes often found in the explanations of vision science that I focus on. The first is the Distal Object Thesis: ...
  • Why Fiction Matters 

    Holliday, John-Gregory Bass (2015)
    I explore five features that bear upon literary value and what is involved in appreciating those features. In the introduction, I motivate the project, examine the notion of literary value itself, and sketch the major ...

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