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Recent Submissions

  • Parsing, Generation and Grammar 

    Momma, Shota Momma (2016)
    Humans use their grammatical knowledge in more than one way. On one hand, they use it to understand what others say. On the other hand, they use it to say what they want to convey to others (or to themselves). In either ...
  • On Experiencers and Minimality 

    De Oliveira Almeida Petersen, Maria Carolina (2016)
    This dissertation is concerned with experiencer arguments, and what they tell us about the grammar. There are two main types of experiencers I discuss: experiencers of psychological verbs and experiencers of raising ...
  • The acquisition of adjunct control: grammar and processing 

    Gerard, Juliana (2016)
    This dissertation uses children’s acquisition of adjunct control as a case study to investigate grammatical and performance accounts of language acquisition. In previous research, children have consistently exhibited ...
  • Comparative psychosyntax 

    Chacón, Dustin Alfonso (2015)
    Every difference between languages is a “choice point” for the syntactician, psycholinguist, and language learner. The syntactician must describe the differences in representations that the grammars of different languages ...
  • Information and Incrementality in Syntactic Bootstrapping 

    White, Aaron Steven (2015)
    Some words are harder to learn than others. For instance, action verbs like "run" and "hit" are learned earlier than propositional attitude verbs like "think" and "want." One reason "think" and "want" might be learned later ...

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