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Recent Submissions

  • Comparative psychosyntax 

    Chacón, Dustin Alfonso (2015)
    Every difference between languages is a “choice point” for the syntactician, psycholinguist, and language learner. The syntactician must describe the differences in representations that the grammars of different languages ...
  • Information and Incrementality in Syntactic Bootstrapping 

    White, Aaron Steven (2015)
    Some words are harder to learn than others. For instance, action verbs like "run" and "hit" are learned earlier than propositional attitude verbs like "think" and "want." One reason "think" and "want" might be learned later ...
  • Syntactic Bootstrapping in the Acquisition of Attitude Verbs 

    Harrigan, Kaitlyn (2015)
    Attitude verbs (e.g., think, want, hope) report mental states. Learning the meanings of attitude verbs may be difficult for language learners for several reasons; including the abstractness of the concepts that they refer ...
  • A theory of generalized pied-piping 

    Funakoshi, Sayaka (2015)
    The purpose of this thesis is to construct a theory to derive how pied-piping of formal features of a moved element takes place, by which some syntactic phenomena related to phi-features can be accounted for. Ura (2001) ...
  • Computational modeling of the role of discourse information in language production and language acquisition 

    Orita, Naho (2015)
    This dissertation explores the role of discourse information in language production and language acquisition. Discourse information plays an important role in various aspects of linguistic processes and learning. However, ...

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