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Recent Submissions

  • Verb Learning Under Guidance 

    He, Xiaoxue Angela (2015)
    Any kind of uninstructed learning, faced by the challenge that any finite experience is consistent with infinitely many hypotheses, must proceed under guidance. This dissertation investigates guided vocabulary acquisition ...
  • Competence and Performance in the Development of Principle C 

    Sutton, Megan (2015)
    In order to understand the nature of a given linguistic phenomena in the adult grammar, language acquisition research explores how children's competence with respect to such a phenomena develops. However, diagnosing ...
  • Bayesian Model of Categorical Effects in L1 and L2 Speech Processing 

    Kronrod, Yakov (2014)
    In this dissertation I present a model that captures categorical effects in both first language (L1) and second language (L2) speech perception. In L1 perception, categorical effects range between extremely strong for ...
  • Thematic Relations Between Nouns 

    Castillo, Juan Carlos (2001)
    This dissertation explores some of the traditionally labeled possessive relations, and proposes a basic syntactic structure that underlies them. The two nouns act as subject and predicate in a small clause, dominated ...
  • Distributivity and Plural Anaphora 

    LaTerza, Christopher (2014)
    This dissertation is an investigation of the semantics of sentences exhibiting plural referential dependencies. I will pursue two main lines of thought, each with consequences for the notion of distributivity as it is ...

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