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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on Higher Education 

    Espinoza Gonzalez, Ricardo Andres (2017)
    Higher education has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. What was the privilege of rich nations or poor countries' elites is now an integral part of international competition and development strategies. However, the ...
  • Essays on Institutions, Culture and Economic Outcomes 

    Karalashvili, Nona (2017)
    This dissertation examines how institutions and culture shape each other and affect individuals’ behavior. Chapter 1 analyzes the interplay between the law and prevailing values to understand the origins of legal order in ...

    Moreno Soto, David Nicolas (2016)
    This dissertation investigates the role that the sovereign plays in the international economy, from two different aspects: the first chapter deals with the important role that institutional quality plays in the official ...
  • Essays on Matching Markets and Their Equilibria 

    Utgoff, Naomi M. (2016)
    Matching theory and matching markets are a core component of modern economic theory and market design. This dissertation presents three original contributions to this area. The first essay constructs a matching mechanism ...
  • Trade Shocks and Local Labor Markets' Linkages: Theory and Evidence 

    Rodriguez Chatruc, Marisol (2016)
    In the past few years, there has been a concern among economists and policy makers that increased openness to international trade affects some regions in a country more than others. Recent research has found that local ...

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