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Recent Submissions

  • The State of Education in Afghanistan and the Application of a Linear Programming Model 

    Ulfat, Abderrahman (1969)
    In this study the role of education in economic development is briefly discussed; the state of education in Afghanistan is assessed and compared with a group of Asian countries. Through the application of a constrained ...
  • Essays on Economic Spillovers, Labor Markets, and Economic Development 

    Zou, Ben (2015)
    Location-based policies are widely used across the world in the hope of stimulating particular local economies. This dissertation consists of three chapters of empirical studies that evaluate the efficacy and efficiency ...

    Sarzosa, Miguel (2015)
    Recent literature has shown that skills are not only essential for the development of successful adults, but also that they are malleable and prone to be affected by many experiences. In this dissertation, I explore these ...
  • Shocks and Human Capital in Developing Countries 

    Szott, Aaron (2015)
    I begin my dissertation by introducing the following two chapters. I start out by describing the basic theory underlying economists' historical interest in the effects of shocks in developing countries. I then briefly ...
  • Fiscal Illusion in Public Finance: A Theoretical and Empirical Study 

    Marshall, Frances Louise Lightsey (1989)
    This study of fiscal illusion begins by surveying existing studies of its nature and consequences: finding no consensus upon its definition proposes a comprehensive one: "the misperception by one or more individuals of ...

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