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Recent Submissions

  • Criminal Case Processing of Sexual Assaults in Alaska 

    Smith, Jaclyn (2016)
    Discretion plays a role in nearly every facet of the American criminal justice system. It is widely regarded as necessary to do justice but is not without criticisms – especially when it leads to unfavorable or disparate ...
  • Police Legitimacy in Sub-Saharan Africa 

    Behlendorf, Brandon Paul (2016)
    Is fairness in process and outcome a generalizable driver of police legitimacy? In many industrialized nations, studies have demonstrated that police legitimacy is largely a function of whether citizens perceive treatment ...
  • Surveillance in Cyberspace: Applying Natural and Place Manager Surveillance to System Trespassing 

    Remrey, Lizabeth Paige (2016)
    Research on the criminological side of system trespassing (i.e. unlawfully gaining access to a computer system) is relatively rare and has yet to examine the effect of the presence of other users on the system during the ...
  • Pathways to assistance for victims of intimate partner violence 

    Stabile, Rebecca Michelle (2015)
    Efforts to understand disclosure of abuse for victims of intimate partner violence have largely focused on characteristics of disclosure rather than the consequences of disclosure. Past research has found that disclosure ...
  • County Effects on White-Collar Sentencing in Maryland Circuit Courts 

    Bernstein, Justin Pascal (2015)
    Research on local contexts has been a major development within sentencing literature in recent years. White-collar sentencing, however, is an area that has not received much attention from local contexts research. The ...

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