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Recent Submissions

  • A Calculus of Efficiency for Public Goods: The Case of Public Outdoor Recreation 

    Ulfat, Abderrahman (1972)
    The characteristics of public outdoor recreation as a public good are ascertained. A cost-benefit analysis is applied which ensures efficiency, while allowing for the pecuniary and technological externalities that exist ...

    Page, Ian (2015)
    For many goods, economists tend to ignore the time between the onset of production and the final sale of the good. In some instances, economists do model production with intertemporal considerations such as the extraction ...
  • Resilience and Adaptation to Natural Hazards: Evidence from Indonesia 

    Wong, Po Yin (2015)
    The objective of this dissertation is to examine the ways in which households recover from and adapt to changing conditions as a result of natural hazards. I use Indonesia as a case study. The dissertation is divided into ...
  • Information and environmental policy 

    Wichman, Casey John (2015)
    Within this manuscript, I present three distinct essays linked by the commonality of how information is utilized in decision-making and its effect on environmental policy. In the first essay, I evaluate the price to which ...
  • Electricity Markets Price Risk, Pollution, and Policies 

    Werner, Daniel Patrick (2015)
    The electricity sector is a significant contributor to the economic and environmental health of the United States, with annual revenues well over \$300 billion and responsibility for approximately one third of all carbon ...

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