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Recent Submissions

  • Essays on Education in Developing Countries 

    Brudevold-Newman, Andrew (2017)
    Almost all countries subsidize education. These subsidies are generally designed to account for positive social returns to education and a recognition of education as a basic human right. Without subsidies, credit ...
  • Essays on China's Rural Land Rental Market: Institutions and Contract Design 

    Yang, Ziyan (2017)
    China's rural land rental market, a gradually maturing market, is now revolutionizing agriculture in China by facilitating the upgrading of smallholder production to factory farming. I study a mature rural land rental ...
  • Food Product Recalls: Trends and Demand Impacts 

    Tselepidakis, Elina (2016)
    Food product recalls, the removal of risky food products from the marketplace, can impose significant burdens for consumers, producers, and regulators. The purpose of this dissertation is to offer an in-depth investigation ...
  • Essays in nonmarket valuation and energy economics 

    Miller, Mark Vincent (2016)
    This dissertation comprises three essays, relating to negative externalities in economics. The first essay concentrates on residential electricity consumption. In the economic literature, price elasticity of demands ...

    Ordonez, Romina Valeria (2016)
    According to the WHO, in less developed countries approximately 2.2 million people—most of whom are children—die annually of food and waterborne diseases. In these economies, information on the safety attributes of food ...

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