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Recent Submissions

  • Essays in Greenhouse/Nursery Economics 

    Saavoss, Monica Renee (2016)
    This dissertation focuses on the greenhouse and nursery industry in the United States. Two major issues are explored: irrigation and plant disease. The first two essays examine wireless soil-moisture sensor networks, an ...
  • Effects of Information and Time of Use Pricing on Irish Electricity Demand and Supply 

    Pon, Shirley (2016)
    In this dissertation I quantify residential behavior response to interventions designed to reduce electricity demand at different periods of the day. In the first chapter, I examine the effect of information provision ...
  • Essays on Impact of Infrastructure in the presence of market imperfections 

    Ali, Rubaba (2015)
    This dissertation is a collection of papers analyzing the effect of transport and credit infrastructure on the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors. Chapter 1 uses a partial equilibrium framework to isolate the effect ...

    Maher, Joseph Andrew (2015)
    This dissertation is composed of three essays in environmental economics related to residential energy efficiency and forest conservation. My first paper assesses the effectiveness of energy-efficient technologies in the ...
  • Economics of Society: Essays on Health, Marriage and Child Adoption 

    Murugesan, Anand (2015)
    The underlying theme of my research has been throwing light on issues of society where individual interest and the larger collective bargain are divergent. Primarily I have used the economic approach to examine social ...

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