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Recent Submissions

  • RBCC Engine-Airframe Integration on an Osculating Cone Waverider Vehicle 

    O'Brien, Timothy F. (2001)
    An analytical vehicle study is performed that integrates a rocket-based combined cycle engine with an osculating cones waverider-based fuselage. The integration of the two concepts brings about an interesting design ...
  • Development and Validation of an NPSS Model of a Small Turbojet Engine 

    Vannoy, Stephen (2017)
    Recent studies have shown that integrated gas turbine engine (GT)/solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) systems for combined propulsion and power on aircraft offer a promising method for more efficient onboard electrical power ...

    Masati, Arber (2017)
    Plasma actuators gained popularity during the change of the millennium for their ability to induce airflow and reattach stalled flow. Since then, investigations have been conducted to characterize their performance and ...
  • Cycle Analysis of a New Engine design 

    Attar, Wiam (2017)
    This thesis investigates a new externally heated engine design being developed by Soony Systems Inc. to serve as the prime mover in a residential-scale combined heat and power system. This is accomplished by developing a ...
  • Bioinspired Robust Underwater Behaviors Using Fluid Flow Sensing 

    Ranganathan, Badri Narayanan (2017)
    The lateral line sense organ in fish detects fluid flow around its body, and is used to perform a wide variety of behaviors such as rheotaxis, wall-following, prey detection, and obstacle and predator avoidance. Currently ...

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