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  • UMD Libraries Information Literacy Disposition Rubric 

    Gammons, Rachel; Inge, Lindsay (2015-11-01)
    This rubric is used by the Teaching and Learning Services Department at UMD Libraries to evaluate one minute papers submitted by first year students during library instruction for ENGL101.
  • Thinking Big in a Small Library: Implementing Low-Cost Solutions 

    Singh, Madhu (2015-03-19)
    Buying out-of-the-box applications for data collection can be an expensive prospect for small libraries and they may not have enough flexibility to meet your library’s needs. Even under budget constraints staff members can ...
  • Thriving in Tough Times Through Collaboration 

    Singh, Madhu (2015-05-07)
    Expanding library services with limited resources can be challenging for libraries, especially in time of budget constraints. Not only the cost of library applications has gone up in the market, most often they are not ...
  • Finding Meaning in the Madness: Unifying Your Library’s Data Collection with LibAnalytics 

    Singh, Madhu (2015-03-18)
    Libraries have collected data across multiple platforms and areas and developed reports to inform their stakeholders to show the value of the library. As data collection methods have evolved, more assessment platforms have ...
  • Starting and Sustaining a Coding Workshop for Librarians 

    Nilsen, Karl (2015)
    As academic practices are rapidly transformed by information technologies, many aspects of librarianship are increasingly inseparable from data manipulation and software development. This transformation is putting pressure ...

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