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  • Using Chronicling America: Genealogy 

    Pike, Robin C.; McElrath, Douglas (2016)
    This brochure is to be distributed by institutions, and to be used to assist genealogists in using Chronicling America, the Library of Congress database that hosts newspapers. This brochure was created by the Co-Principal ...
  • Commons Model in Libraries - Challenges & Successes 

    Soergel, Elizabeth; Banyas, Kelly; Zdravkovska, Nevenka (2017-06-19)
    In the last few years academic libraries in the United States embraced the new Commons model, where each of these commons, such as learning commons, research commons, subject and format commons, etc., has its own specific ...
  • Analyzing Long-Term Usage Trends of Electronic Government Information 

    McDonald, Celina (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2017-03-23)
    As libraries reduce the size of their physical government documents collections, they often lack data about usage of government information. This poster explores ways to harvest, analyze, and use electronic usage data of ...
  • U.S. Government Documents: Vision Plan 2015-2020 

    McDonald, Celina (2015-10-12)
    The U.S. Government Documents Collection supports and enhances University of Maryland faculty and students' learning, teaching, and research needs through research services, information literacy instruction, and access to ...
  • Basic Project Management for Weeding Government Documents Collections 

    McDonald, Celina (American Library Association, 2016)
    For as long as academic libraries have participated in the federal depository library program, there has been an inherent conflict between their academic and depository mandates. While state and public libraries are tasked ...

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