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Recent Submissions

  • Large Eddy Simulation of a Nonreacting Propane Jet 

    Briggs, Christopher Madden (2015)
    Simulations of a turbulent momentum driven jet are carried out by Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). These simulations challenge the capabilities of FDS and identify strengths and weaknesses within its code; three bugs were ...
  • Development of a Cyber Physical System for Fire Safety 

    Wills, Rosalie Faith (2015)
    In this study a cyber physical system (a system of collaborating computational elements that monitor and control physical entities) test bed was developed to demonstrate the viability of real-time decision support for smart ...
  • A Generalized Model for Wall Flame Heat Flux During Upward Flame Spread on Polymers 

    Korver, Kevin (2015)
    A current model accurately predicts flame to surface heat flux during upward flame spread on PMMA based on a single input parameter, the mass loss rate. In this study, the model was generalized to predict the heat flux for ...

    Kim, Hyeon (2014)
    Procedures to obtain accurate heat flux measurements from a 50 mm diameter gas-fueled burner using a diluent fuel gas mixture were examined that required following steps. Local heat flux measurements on the surface of a ...
  • <italic>In Situ</italic> Burning Alternatives 

    Cohen, Brian (2014)
    <italic>In situ</italic> burns have been used to remove oil spills for decades. They are relatively easy and inexpensive to administer, and are one of the only methods that is effective for crude oil spill remediation over ...

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