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  • Essays in Corporate Finance 

    Duquerroy, Anne Nicole (2017)
    This dissertation presents two essays in Corporate Finance. In the first essay, I study how political institutions affect corporate investment through the policy uncertainty channel. I examine investment response to changes ...
  • Essays on Financial Constraints, R&D Investments, and Competition 

    Lin, Danmo (2016)
    This dissertation consists of two chapters of theoretical studies that investigate the effect of financial constraints and market competition on research and development (R&D) investments. In the first chapter, I explore ...
  • Essays in Corporate Finance 

    Starkweather, George Austin (2016)
    Prior research has been divided regarding how firms respond to bankruptcy risk, largely revolving around two competing forces. On the one hand, asset substitution encourages firms to increase the riskiness of assets to ...

    BAE, KYOUNG HUN (2015)
    This dissertation includes two essays on topics related to market microstructure. In the first essay, we analyze algorithmic trading in the Korean Index Futures market. We document that short-term traders consistently ...
  • Short-Term Funding Markets and Systemic Risk 

    Munyan, Benjamin Kendrick (2015)
    This dissertation presents two essays to study both theoretically and empirically the interaction of short-term funding and the banking system and its effects on systemic risk. Before its collapse in September 2008, ...

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