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  • Harbor 

    Young, Martha A. (2011)
    The speaker confronts both her ambiguous relationship with her father and becoming a parent herself, moving from fear and anger to a tentative reconciliation. Specific topics also include motherhood, the author's younger ...
  • Parenting Stories 

    Witte, Peter H. (2017)
    This collection of stories is about the experience of raising young children, the minds of children, and inheritance. These connected stories explore the wild and the mundane, the joyful and sad, the confusing and obvious, ...
  • Childhood Notes 

    Pratiwi, Theresia (2017)
    The stories in “Childhood Notes” represent a portion of work I have done as a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Maryland. They were chosen for their thematic links, for their stylistic ...
  • Furrow 

    Neal, Laura (2017)
    Furrow is a testimony of leaving and returning, challenging the quotidian perception of country life primarily rooted in rural South Carolina. The speaker is a silent observer, a witness, and at times an unwilling participant ...
  • The Whole Ride Back 

    Hunter, Martha Hunter (2017)
    The Whole Ride Back is a collection of poems that traces the effect of transient familial relationships on the speaker’s isolation and detachment. These poems utilize the natural landscape of the Southeastern United States, ...

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