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  • An Ethics of Refusal: Sympathy, Intimacy and Fidelity in British Romanticism 

    Kirch, Lisa Julia Olivia (2016)
    Despite a current emphasis in Romantic scholarship on intersubjectivity, this study suggests that we still have much to learn about how theories of intersubjectivity operate in Romantic-era writings that focus on the ...
  • The Ethics of Eating Animals in Tudor and Stuart Theaters 

    Wakeman, Rob (2016)
    A pressing challenge for the study of animal ethics in early modern literature is the very breadth of the category “animal,” which occludes the distinct ecological and economic roles of different species. Understanding the ...

    Allamezade, Sahar (2016)
    In this dissertation I explore “The Woman Question” in the discourse of Iranian male authors. A pro-modernity group, they placed women’s issues at the heart of their discourse. This dissertation follows the trajectory of ...
  • Electracy in Praxis: Pedagogical Relays for an Undergraduate Writing Curriculum 

    Geary, Thomas Michael (2016)
    The paradigm shift from traditional print literacy to the postmodern fragmentation, nonlinearity, and multimodality of writing for the Internet is realized in Gregory L. Ulmer’s electracy theory. Ulmer’s open invitation ...
  • The Sugar Factory 

    Waugh, Rachel (2016)
    Luke Banas is a young video artist who lives illegally in the disused Domino sugar refinery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While his art is an attempt to fully record and share his own life story, developers want to tear down ...

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