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  • A Worldwide History Spanning Genocide for the Sake of Corporate Profit 

    Eckstein, Jacob Daniel (2016)
    A Worldwide History Spanning Genocide for the Sake of Corporate Profit is the title of a thesis consisting of four stories. Crosky’s Knife is presented first for the sake of allowing potential readers to embrace a sense ...
  • My Four Thousand Bibles 

    Saunders, Noa Saunders (2016)
    This collection exhibits the relationships between generations of mothers and daughters that are often frayed by misgivings about each others’ perspectives and situations. My Four Thousand Bibles is an emotive critique of ...
  • Sick Boy 

    McGinty, Patrick Rock (2016)
    This poetry collection explores the concepts of addiction and redemption. It does so through a series of vignette-style poems set in the Baltimore and DC area at the height of the heroin epidemic in the United States. Split ...
  • Falling Out of the Sky 

    Morris, Ruth Elizabeth (2016)
    “Falling Out of the Sky” is a collection of poems, both formal and free verse, that explores an intimate familial landscape. In particular, these poems raise the question of what it means to be human through examinations ...
  • Landfall 

    Price, Anne Michelle (2016)
    Landfall considers the arbitrariness of our attachments to both people and places, while at the same time marveling at the inevitability and necessity of those attachments. The importance of place in these poems, most ...

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