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    • Composing With Genetic Algorithms 

      Jacob, Bruce (International Computer Music Association, 1995-09)
      Presented is an application of genetic algorithms to the problem of composing music, in which GAs are used to produce a set of data filters that identify acceptable material from the output of a stochastic music generator. ...
    • Magnetic imaging in the presence of external fields: Technique and applications (invited) 

      Gomez, Romel D.; Burke, Edward R.; Mayergoyz, Isaak D. (American Institute of Physics, 1996-04-15)
      Magnetic force microscopy (MFM) in the presence of an external magnetic field has been developed. This has led to further understanding of image formation in MFM as well as new insights concerning the interaction of ...
    • Switching characteristics of submicron cobalt islands 

      Gomez, R. D.; Shih, M. C.; New, R. M. H.; Pease, R. F. W.; White, R. L. (American Institute of Physics, 1996-07-01)
      The magnetic characteristics of 0.230.430.02 mm3 cobalt islands were investigated using magnetic force microscopy in the presence of an applied field. The islands were noninteracting and showed a wide variety of single ...
    • The Trading Function in Action 

      Jacob, Bruce; Mudge, Trevor (ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Publications, 1996-09)
      This paper describes a commercial software and hardware platform for telecommunications and multimedia processing. The software architecture loosely follows the CORBA and ODP standards of distributed computing and supports ...
    • An Analytical Model for Designing Memory Hierarchies 

      Jacob, Bruce; Chen, Peter M.; Silverman, Seth R.; Mudge, Trevor N. (1996-10)
      Memory hierarchies have long been studied by many means: system building, trace-driven simulation, and mathematical analysis. Yet little help is available for the system designer wishing to quickly size the different ...
    • Algorithmic Composition as a Model of Creativity 

      Jacob, Bruce (1996-12)
      ““’There are two distinct types of creativity: the flash out of the blue (inspiration? genius?), and the process of incremental revisions (hard work). Not only are we years away from modeling the former, we do not even ...
    • Software-Managed Address Translation 

      Jacob, Bruce; Mudge, Trevor (1997-02)
      In this paper we explore software-managed address translation. The purpose of the study is to specify the memory management design for a high clock-rate PowerPC implementation in which a simple design is a prerequisite ...
    • Analytical solution for the side-fringing fields of narrow beveled heads 

      Mayergoyz, I. D.; Madabhushi, R.; Burke, E. R.; Gomez, R. D. (American Institue of Physics, 1997-04-15)
      By using conical coordinates, exact analytical solutions for three-dimensional side-fringing fields of recording heads that are beveled in the down-track direction are found. These solutions are derived under the assumption ...
    • Segmented Addressing Solves the Virtual Cache Synonym Problem 

      Jacob, Bruce (1997-12)
      If one is interested solely in processor speed, one must use virtually indexed caches. The traditional purported weakness of virtual caches is their inability to support shared memory. Many implementations of shared ...
    • Virtual Memory in Contemporary Microprocessors 

      Jacob, Bruce; Mudge, Trevor (IEEE, 1998)
    • Power Optimization of Variable-Voltage Core-Based Systems 

      Hong, Inki; Kirovski, Darko; Qu, Gang; Potkonjak, Miodrag; Srivastava, Mani B. (IEEE, 1998-06)
      The growing class of portable systems, such as personal computing and communication devices, has resulted in a new set of system design requirements, mainly characterized by dominant importance of power minimization and ...
    • Virtual Memory: Issues of Implementation 

      Jacob, Bruce; Mudge, Trevor (IEEE Computer, 1998-06)
      The authors introduce basic virtual-memory technologies and then compare memory-management designs in three commercial microarchitectures. They show the diversity of virtual-memory support and, by implication, how this ...
    • Quantification of magnetic force microscopy images using combined electrostatic and magnetostatic imaging 

      Gomez, R. D.; Pak, A. O.; Anderson, A. J.; Burke, E. R.; Leyendecker, A. J.; Mayergoyz, I. D. (American Institute of Physics, 1998-06-01)
      A method for calibrating the force gradients and probe magnetic moment in phase-contrast magnetic force microscopy ~MFM! is introduced. It is based upon the combined electrostatic force microscopy EFM and MFM images of ...
    • Techniques for Energy Minimization of Communication Pipelines 

      Qu, Gang; Potkonjak, Miodrag (IEEE, 1998-11)
      The performance of many modern computer and communication systems is dictated by latency of communication pipelines. At the same time, power consumption is often another limiting factor in many portable systems. We ...
    • Analysis of Watermarking Techniques for Graph Coloring Problem 

      Qu, Gang; Pokonjak, Miodrag (IEEE, 1998-11)
    • Synthesis Techniques for Low-Power Hard Real-Time Systems on Variable Voltage Processors 

      Hong, Inki; Qu, Gang; Potkonjak, Miodrag; Srivastava, Mani B. (IEEE, 1998-12)
      The energy efficiency of systems-on-a-chip can be much improved if one were to vary the supply voltage dynamically at run time. In this paper we describe the synthesis of systems-on-a-chip based on core processors, while ...
    • Quality of Service and System Design 

      Kornegay, Kevin T.; Qu, Gang; Potkonjak, Miodrag (IEEE, 1999-04)
      Quality of Service (QoS) of the implementation of an application can be defined as a function of the properties of the application and its implementation as observed by the user and/or the environment. Typical application ...
    • Domain wall motion in micron-sized Permalloy elements 

      Gomez, R. D.; Luu, T. V.; Pak, O. A.; Mayergoyz, I. D.; Kirk, K. J.; Chapman, J. N. (American Institute of Physics, 1999-04-15)
    • Domain configurations of Permalloy elements 

      Gomez, R. D.; Luu, T. V.; Pak, A. O.; Kirk, K. J.; Chapman, J. N. (American Institute of Physics, 1999-04-15)