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The Library Research & Innovative Practice Forum is an annual event in June featuring lightning talks, presentations, and poster sessions by UMD Libraries’ librarians and staff.

Recent Submissions

  • Identifying User Demographics in Digital Collections with Google Analytics 

    Durden, David (2016-06-08)
    Usage statistics of digitized materials, when collected, can inform future project prioritization for increased access to materials. Demographic information collected through Google Analytics may provide insight into the ...
  • Custom Analytics with Google Tag Manager: Assessing Usage Statistics on the MD-SOAR Platform 

    Koivisto, Joseph (2016-06-08)
    As usage metrics continue to attain an increasingly central role in library system assessment and analysis, librarians tasked with system selection, implementation, and support are driven to identify metric approaches that ...
  • Building a Successful (and Flexible) Partnership with UMD's Gymkana Troupe 

    Hawk, Amanda (2016-06-08)
    Presented at the 2016 Library Research and Innovative Practice Forum, this poster provides an overview of a successful partnership between the University of Maryland Archives and UMD's Gymkana Troupe to publicize Gymkana's ...
  • Bento Box Discovery 

    Wallberg, Ben; Tai, Xiaoyu (2016-06-08)
    Users find the the list of resources and terms for finding information bewildering: book, journal, article, database, resource, catalog, worldcat, guide, website, google scholar, institutional repository, digital collections, ...
  • The Historic Maryland Newspapers Project 

    Caringola, Elizabeth (2016-06-08)
    This poster addresses frequently asked questions regarding the Historic Maryland Newspapers Project, such as "What is the National Digital Newspaper Program?" and "How are titles selected for digitization?" It also provides ...

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