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Recent Submissions

  • The Vietnam Veteran: A Victim of the War's Rhetorical Failure 

    Hollihan, Thomas A.; Klumpp, James F. (1988-02-22)
    Argues that from defense and media coverage of the Vietnam War, an image of the character and activities of those fighting the war emerged. Within the defense of the war two justifications fought for dominance: a romantic ...
  • Richard Nixon's Anti-Impeachment Campaign: America's Paradise Lost 

    Brock, Bernard; Klumpp, James F. (Fred McMahon, 1974-05-01)
    Analysis of Richard Nixon's April 29, 1974, speech during the Nixon impeachment crisis. Interprets the speech as a quest narrative.
  • Book Review of Carmen Lomas Garza by Constance Cortez 

    Ontiveros, Randy (Latino Studies, 2011)
    This article reviews Constance Cortez's 2010 monograph on the Texas-based artist Carmen Lomas Garza. It appears in Volume 9, Issue 4 of the journal Latino Studies.
  • America the Charity Case 

    Michel, Sonya (2005-10-21)
    The U.S. government has inappropriately relied on private philanthropy to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Charities are not up to the task, and corporations have taken advantage of the situation to promote ...