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Recent Submissions

  • Collective phenomena in granular and atmospheric electrification 

    Nordsiek, Freja; Lathrop, Daniel (2015-07-29)
    This repository contains data from the Granular Electrification Experiment in the University of Maryland Nonlinear Dynamics Lab. The experiment consists of a cylindrical cell with aluminum plates on the top and bottom. The ...
  • Supplementary Material: “Because math”: Epistemological stance or defusing social tension in QM? 

    Sohr, Erin Ronayne; Dreyfus, Benjamin W.; Gupta, Ayush; Elby, Andrew (2015)
    This document provides supporting materials for a paper submitted for review to the Physics Education Research Conference proceedings in 2015 titled, “‘Because math’: Epistemological stance or defusing social tension in ...
  • Problems with the Newton–Schrödinger equations 

    Anastopoulos, C; Hu, B.L. (IOP Publishing, 2014-08)
    We examine the origin of the Newton–Schrödinger equations (NSEs) that play an important role in alternative quantum theories (AQT), macroscopic quantum mechanics and gravity-induced decoherence. We show that NSEs for ...
  • Global Inequality in Energy Consumption from 1980 to 2010 

    Lawrence, Scott; Liu, Qin; Yakovenko, Victor M. (MDPI Entropy, 2013-12-16)
    We study the global probability distribution of energy consumption per capita around the world using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) for 1980–2010. We find that the Lorenz curves have moved up ...
  • Realization and Modeling of Metamaterials Made of rf Superconducting Quantum-Interference Devices 

    Trepanier, M.; Zhang, Daimeng; Mukhanov, Oleg; Anlage, Steven M. (American Physical Society, 2013-12-18)
    We have prepared meta-atoms based on radio-frequency superconducting quantum-interference devices (rf SQUIDs) and examined their tunability with dc magnetic field, rf current, and temperature. rf SQUIDs are superconducting ...

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