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    • Online Appendix for “Ranking and Selection as Stochastic Control” 

      Peng, Yijie; Chong, Edwin K. P.; Chen, Chun-Hung; Fu, Michael C. (2017-04)
    • Essays in Corporate Finance 

      Duquerroy, Anne Nicole (2017)
      This dissertation presents two essays in Corporate Finance. In the first essay, I study how political institutions affect corporate investment through the policy uncertainty channel. I examine investment response to changes ...
    • Essays on Motives and Market Outcomes 

      Stroube, Bryan Kaiser (2015)
      This dissertation examines the existence of heterogeneous motives in markets, particularly how a tension between profit motives and other utility can shape outcomes for organizations and individuals. I explore this tension ...
    • Essays on Financial Constraints, R&D Investments, and Competition 

      Lin, Danmo (2016)
      This dissertation consists of two chapters of theoretical studies that investigate the effect of financial constraints and market competition on research and development (R&D) investments. In the first chapter, I explore ...
    • Mathematical Programming Models for Influence Maximization on Social Networks 

      Zhang, Rui (2016)
      In this dissertation, we apply mathematical programming techniques (i.e., integer programming and polyhedral combinatorics) to develop exact approaches for influence maximization on social networks. We study four combinatorial ...