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Title: "A College Divided: Maryland Agricultural College and the Civil War"
Authors: Ruffner, Malissa
Turkos, Anne
Type: Other
Keywords: Maryland Agricultural College
Civil War
Charles Benedict Calvert
William Wilson Corcoran
John Merryman
Henry Onderdonk
Montgomery Johns
Joseph Chenoweth
George Washington Custis Lee
Thomas N. Conrad
Henry E. Alvord
Benjamin Franklin Taylor
Rudolph B. Hitz
Franklin Buchanan
Isaac Ridgeway Trimble
Samuel Boyer Davis
John H. Waring
George Mellen Prentiss King
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The Maryland Agricultural College, forerunner of the University of Maryland, College Park, had scarcely opened its doors when the Civil War began, and the far-reaching events of those four years of conflict affected its organizational history and the personal lives of many individuals associated with it. The exhibit "A College Divided: Maryland Agricultural College and the Civil War" highlights the lives of just a few of those individuals - students, faculty, administrators, stockholders, and trustees - examining this chapter of American history through a specific prism. The 27-panel display is followed by a bibliography and description of research methodology.
Description: The exhibit, created by Malissa Ruffner, and University Archivist Anne Turkos, was on display in the Audrey Armistead Ruckert Reception Foyer on the first floor of Hornbake Library at the University of Maryland, College Park, September 2011 through July 2012.
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Panel_01_Exhibit_Poster.pdfExhibition poster76.33 MBAdobe PDF129View/Open
Panel_02_Opening_Panel.pdfOpening exhibition panel58.93 MBAdobe PDF123View/Open
Panel_03_Charles_Benedict_Calvert.pdfCharles Benedict Calvert209.55 MBAdobe PDF99View/Open
Panel_04_William_W_Corcoran.pdfWilliam Wilson Corcoran59.22 MBAdobe PDF166View/Open
Panel_05_John_Merryman.pdfJohn Merryman63.21 MBAdobe PDF174View/Open
Panel_06_First_Wave_of_Enlistment.pdfFirst Wave of Enlistment55.02 MBAdobe PDF157View/Open
Panel_07_Henry_Onderdonk.pdfHenry Onderdonk53.68 MBAdobe PDF115View/Open
Panel_08_Montgomery_Johns.pdfMontgomery Johns65.82 MBAdobe PDF83View/Open
Panel_09_Joseph_Chenoweth.pdfJoseph Chenoweth60.49 MBAdobe PDF143View/Open
Panel_10_George_Washington_Custis_Lee.pdfGeorge Washington Custis Lee58.33 MBAdobe PDF248View/Open
Panel_11_Thomas_N_Conrad.pdfThomas N. Conrad61.18 MBAdobe PDF103View/Open
Panel_12_Henry_E_Alvord.pdfHenry E. Alvord57.04 MBAdobe PDF100View/Open
Panel_13_Southern_Presidents.pdfSouthern Presidents53.89 MBAdobe PDF113View/Open
Panel_14_Benjamin_Franklin_Taylor.pdfBenjamin Franklin Taylor68.37 MBAdobe PDF101View/Open
Panel_15_Rudolph_B_Hitz.pdfRudolph B. Hitz57.25 MBAdobe PDF114View/Open
Panel_16_Franklin_Buchanan.pdfFranklin Buchanan73.68 MBAdobe PDF87View/Open
Panel_17_Isaac_R_Trimble.pdfIsaac Ridgeway Trimble58.17 MBAdobe PDF187View/Open
Panel_18_Samuel_Boyer_Davis.pdfSamuel Boyer Davis56.72 MBAdobe PDF240View/Open
Panel_19_Young_Marylanders_in_Gray.pdfYoung Marylanders in Gray54.86 MBAdobe PDF124View/Open
Panel_20_Waring_Family_of_Prince_Georges_County.pdfWaring Family of Prince George's County58.67 MBAdobe PDF120View/Open
Panel_21_George_Mellen_Prentiss_King.pdfGeorge Mellen Prentiss King59.96 MBAdobe PDF168View/Open
Panel_22_MAC_Muster_Roll.pdfMAC Muster Roll51.42 MBAdobe PDF251View/Open
Panel_23_MAC_Barracks.pdfMAC Barracks132.79 MBAdobe PDF113View/Open
Panel_24_MAC_Student_Register_Page_1.pdfMAC Student Register page 1110.14 MBAdobe PDF101View/Open
Panel_25_MAC_Student_Register_Page_2.pdfMAC Student Register page 2105.5 MBAdobe PDF91View/Open
Panel_26_MAC_Student_Register_Page_3.pdfMAC Student Register page 396.63 MBAdobe PDF92View/Open
Panel_27_Union_Army_Camp_Photo.pdfUnion Army camp photo142.24 MBAdobe PDF97View/Open
Research_ Resource_ MAC_ Civil_War_ Exhibit_Bibliography.pdfResearch/Resource Guide263.24 kBAdobe PDF285View/Open

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