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  • Review of Little Brother: Manchild in the Promised Land (Chapter 5) 

    Hackman, Timothy (Educational Media Reviews Online, 2017-02-22)
    Review of DVD program, Little Brother: Manchild in the Promised Land, chapter 5 of the "Little Brother" series.
  • Review of T-Rex: Her Quest for Gold 

    Hackman, Timothy (Educational Media Reviews Online, 2017-04-06)
    Review of DVD program, T-Rex: Her Fight for Gold.
  • Beyond Google - Another Look at Finding Government Information 

    McDonald, Celina (Government Publishing Office, 2017-02-02)
    This webinar covered intermediate and advanced searching techniques, deep web search engines, and ways to find and use "hidden" resources. During the webinar, sample searches were shown for statistics, born-digital, and ...
  • Digitization Initiatives Committee Charter 

    Pike, Robin C.; Archer, Joanne; Foss, Heather; Harrington, Eileen; Montori, Carla (2013-08)
    This is the charter of the Digitization Initiatives Committee (DIC) of the University of Maryland Libraries. The committee was established “to collect and document proposed outsourced digitization projects across the UMD ...
  • Newspapers Re-Issued: Developing a custom IIIF based newspaper viewer at the University of Maryland Libraries 

    Abdul Rasheed, Mohamed Mohideen; Eichman, Peter; Westgard, Joshua; Dohe, Kate; Tai, Xiaoyu; Wallberg, Ben (2017-03-07)
    Many institutions are creating archives of digital newspapers, yet it is notoriously challenging to deliver an engaging and uncomplicated end user interface for such content. At the University of Maryland Libraries, we ...

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