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  • Using PICO in Library Instruction for STEM Disciplines 

    Ritchie, Stephanie (2017-05)
    PICO is understood to support evidence based practice/medicine research, part of the medical and health sciences disciplines. However, very little use of the PICO methodology found outside of these disciplines. The idea ...
  • Why Do Libraries Matter? 

    Sly, Jordan (2017-04-18)
    Timothy Snyder, in his latest work titled On Tyranny, states that we must both "defend institutions," and "believe in the truth." Libraries are a critical American institution in dire need of defense, but one that shares ...
  • Participatory Learning Strategies for One-Shot Instruction Sessions 

    Durham, Erin (2017)
    Poster presentation at LOEX Conference 2017. As information literacy instructors we may be familiar with the experience of asking a question and getting vacant stares from a class of undergraduate college students. What ...
  • Learning Outside the ClassroomL STEAM Salon Series at EPSL 

    Banyas, Kelly; Soergel, Elizabeth (2017)
    Within the past semester, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Library (EPSL) has hosted a speaker series called STEAM Salon. This informal series, organized by the Research Commons at University Libraries, brings in ...
  • Crosswords as fun, useful and engaging tools for library instruction, training and more 

    Markowitz, Judy; Tchangalova, Nedelina (2017-05-05)
    Using crossword puzzles in information literacy classes is an effective pedagogy. They can be used for reinforcing literacy concepts in one-shot instruction sessions, assessment, in library orientations for students and ...

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