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    • A Kinect Based Indoor Navigation System for the Blind 

      Belov, Alexander; Fu, Guodong; Gururam, Janani; Hackenburg, Francis; Osman, Yael; Purtilo, John; Rossomando, Nicholas; Sawyer, Ryan; Shih, Ryan; True, Emily; Varghese, Agnes; Zhang, Yolanda (2015)
      Team NAVIGATE aims to create a robust, portable navigational aid for the blind. Our prototype uses depth data from the Microsoft Kinect to perform realtime obstacle avoidance in unfamiliar indoor environments. The device ...
    • NIM with Cash 

      Gasarch, William; Purtilo, John (2012-09-12)
      NIM(a1, ..., ak; n) is a 2-player game where initially there are n stones on the board and the players alternate removing either a1 or ... or ak stones. The first player who cannot move loses. This game has been well ...