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    • Measurement of the vector analyzing power in elastic electron-proton scattering as a probe of double photon exchange amplitudes 

      Wells, S.P.; Averett, T.; Barkhuff, D.; Beck, D.H.; Beise, E.J.; Benson, C.; Breuer, H.; Carr, R.; Covrig, S.; DelCorso, J.; Dodson, G.; Eppstein, C.; Farkhondeh, M.; Filippone, B.W.; Forest, T.; Frasier, P.; Hasty, R.; Ito, T.M.; Jones, C.; Korsch, W.; Kowalski, S.; Lee, P.; Maneva, E.; McCarty, K.; McKeown, R.D.; Mikell, J.; Mueller, B.; Naik, P.; Pitt, M.L; Ritter, J.; Savu, V.; Spayde, D.T.; Sullivan, M.; Tieulent, R.; Tsentalovich, E.; Yang, B.; Zwart, T.; SAMPLE Collaboration (2001-05)
      We report the first measurement of the vector analyzing power in inclusive transversely polarized elastic electron-proton scattering at Q2 = 0.1 (GeV/c)2 and large scattering angles. This quantity should vanish in the ...