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    • Dynamics of a subterranean trophic cascade in space and time 

      Ram, Karthik; Gruner, Daniel; McLaughlin, John; Preisser, Evan; Strong, Donald (2008)
      Trophic cascades, whereby predators indirectly benefit plant biomass by reducing herbivore pressure, form the mechanistic basis for classical biological control of pest insects. Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) are lethal ...
    • Host resistance reverses the outcome of competition between microparasites 

      Gruner, Daniel; Kolekar, Arunima; McLaughlin, John; Strong, Donald (Ecological Society of America, 2009)
      Predators and parasites can control the abundance or biomass of herbivores with indirect effects on producer communities and ecosystems, but the interplay of multiple natural enemies may yield unexpected dynamics. We ...