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    • Comprehensive Nuclear Material Accounting 

      Siegel, Jonas; Steinbruner, John; Gallagher, Nancy (2014-03)
      Existing national and international standards for accounting for nuclear materials, including those designated for military use, are insufficient to meet current and future nuclear security, nonproliferation, and weapons ...
    • Controlling Dangerous Pathogens 

      Steinbruner, John; Harris, Elisa D.; Gallagher, Nancy; M., Stacy (2007-03)
      Advances in science has led to a situation where dangerous pathogens that are enormously beneficial for research can also be greatly destructive. However, scientific institutions are not prepared to handle such a burden. ...
    • Controlling Dangerous Pathogens: A Prototype Protective Oversight System 

      Steinbruner, John; Harris, Elisa D.; Gallagher, Nancy; Okutani, Stacy (2005-12-01)
      As has become increasingly evident in recent years, advances in biology are posing an acute and arguably unprecedented dilemma. The same basic science that could in principle be highly beneficial could also be enormously ...
    • Faith and Global Policy Challenges 

      Kull, Steven; Steinbruner, John; Gallagher, Nancy; Ramsay, Clay; Lewis, Evan; Siegel, Jonas; Jones, Kevin; Subias, Stefan (2011-12)
      In an effort to understand how the general public and individuals with specific religious traditions think that their spiritual faith intersects with global policy challenges, the Center for International and Security ...
    • Faith and Global Policy Challenges Questionnaire 

      Kull, Steven; Steinbruner, John; Gallagher, Nancy; Ramsay, Clay; Lewis, Evan; Siegel, Jonas; Jones, Kevin; Subias, Stefan (2011-12)
      This document includes the complete survey questionnaire for the study "Faith and Global Policy Challenges," as well as the study's raw data.
    • Faith and Global Policy Challenges: How Spiritual Values Shape Views on Poverty, Nuclear Risks, and Environmental Degradation 

      Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA); Kull, Steven; Steinbruner, John; Gallagher, Nancy; Ramsay, Clay; Lewis, Evan; Siegel, Jonas; Jones, Kevin; Subias, Stefan (2011-12)
      A majority of Americans professing a belief in God favor cooperative international efforts to combat climate change, environmental degradation, and the spread of nuclear weapons, according to the findings of this public ...
    • International Security on the Road to Nuclear Zero 

      Gallagher, Nancy (2011-07)
      The disappointingly slow pace of progress on efforts to prevent proliferation, reduce nuclear weapons, and eliminate nuclear risks has many causes. The factor that might be easiest for individuals in the arms control and ...
    • Nuclear Weapons and New Security Challenges 

      Gallagher, Nancy (2002-05-30)
      Religious leaders have made strong and influential statements about nuclear weapons at critical moments. The 1983 Pastoral Letter on War and Peace from the National Conference of Catholic Bishops was released shortly before ...
    • Prospects for Security Transformation 

      Steinbruner, John; Gallagher, Nancy (2004-07-01)
      Certainly for many decades and arguably for most of history, security policy has been an overriding priority of major governments, and large scale forms of deliberate aggression have been the dominant concern. In response ...
    • Rethinking U.S.-China Security Cooperation 

      Gallagher, Nancy (2014-08)
      This paper argues that traditional arms control approaches no longer work well for even traditional security problems on the U.S.-Chinese security agenda for three reasons: Firstly, even when both states reason for arms ...
    • Space Governance and International Cooperation 

      Gallagher, Nancy (2010-12)
      Obama Administration officials have indicated that international cooperation will play a greater role in their national space policy than it did during the Bush administration. But they have not provided a clear and ...
    • Verification and Advanced Cooperative Security 

      Gallagher, Nancy (2002-01-01)
      The security circumstances confronting the world today are fundamentally different from those which shaped the theory and practice of Cold War arms control. Then, the central problem was to deter a massive nuclear or ...