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    • An analysis of the efficacy of low-scale concentrated photovoltaics 

      Brooks, Thomas; Collins, Sean; Edgerton, Alexander; Ford, Blaine; Gautam, Preetha; Goldfinger, Matthew; Hall, Ian; Huang, Billy; Lanzo, Michael; McGowan, Melissa; Myers, Taylor; Salata, Christopher; Zheng, Andy (2012)
      The plausibility of low-concentrating flat-plate photovoltaics as a viable small-scale energy generation system was explored. A flat-plate photovoltaic panel utilizing an inexpensive parabolic reflector to increase the ...
    • Genotypic diversity of Phytophthora cinnamomi and P. plurivora in Maryland’s nurseries and Mid-Atlantic forests 

      Beaulieu, Justine; Ford, Blaine; Balci, Yilmaz (American Phytopathological Society (APS), 2017-02-03)
      Genetic diversity of two Phytophthora spp.—P. cinnamomi (102 isolates), commonly encountered in Maryland nurseries and forests in the MidAtlantic United States, and P. plurivora (186 isolates), a species common in nurseries—was ...