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    • A cross-system synthesis of herbivore and nutrient resource control on producer biomass 

      Gruner, Daniel; Smith, Jennifer; Seabloom, Eric; Sandin, Stuart; Ngai, Jacqueline; Hillebrand, Helmut; Harpole, Stanley; Elser, James; Cleland, Elsa; Bracken, Matthew; Borer, Elizabeth; Bolker, Benjamin (2008-07)
      Nutrient availability and consumption by herbivores control the biomass of primary producer communities to varying degrees across ecosystems. Ecological theory, individual experiments in many different systems, and ...
    • Global analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus limitation of primary producers in freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems 

      Elser, James; Bracken, Matthew; Cleland, Elsa; Gruner, Daniel; Harpole, Stanley; Hillebrand, Helmut; Ngai, Jacqueline; Seabloom, Eric; Shurin, Jonathan; Smith, Jennifer (Ecology Letters, 2007-12)
      The cycles of the key nutrient elements nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) have been massively altered by anthropogenic activities. Thus, it is essential to understand how photosynthetic production across diverse ecosystems ...
    • Herbivore metabolism and stoichiometry each constrain herbivory at different organizational scales across ecosystems 

      Hillebrand, Helmut; Borer, Elizabeth; Bracken, Matthew; Cardinale, Brad; Cebrian, Just; Cleland, Elsa; Elser, James; Gruner, Daniel; Harpole, Stanley; Ngai, Jackie; Sandin, Stuart; Seabloom, Eric; Shurin, Jonathan; Smith, Jennifer; Smith, Melinda (Ecology Letters, 2009)
      Plant-herbivore interactions mediate the trophic structure of ecosystems. We use a comprehensive data set extracted from the literature to test the relative explanatory power of two contrasting bodies of ecological theory, ...