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    • Chapter 3: Children as Our Technology Design Partners+ 

      Druin, Allison; Bederson, Ben; Boltman, Angela; Miura, Adrian; Knotts-Callahan, Debby; Platt, Mark (1998-10-15)
      "That's silly!" "I'm bored!" "I like that!" "Why do I have to do this?" "What is this for?" These are all important responses and questions that come from children. As our design partners in developing new technologies, ...
    • Designing a Collaborative Finger Painting Application for Children 

      Browne, Hilary; Bederson, Ben; Druin, Allison; Sherman, Lisa; Westerman, Wayne (2000-10-06)
      We describe the design and implementation of a collaborative, computer-based finger painting program for children using a new hardware input device called a Multi-Touch Surface (MTS). The MTS uses a flat surface about ...
    • Future of Information Alliance 2011 Launch Day Four: Transparency and Boundaries 

      Bederson, Ben; Chinoy, Ira; Chowdhury, Abdur; Czerwinski, Mary; Druin, Allison; Jaeger, Paul; Khamis, Sahar; Parks, Sheri; Russell, Dan (2011-11-17)
      This program explored both the promise and peril of an era in which free-flowing information raises issues of security, privacy, ownership, in which the response of governments has included both improved access and obstacles ...